Sunday, April 12, 2015


Last night I watched 3 Metros Sobre El Cielo. I love that movie and wanted to rewatch it for a long time. I was going to watch the sequel first but wanted to rewatch 3MSC again because I've been wanting to watch it but have been busy with work and school and I wanted to rewatch before watching the sequel to remember what happened in the first movie. Even though every time I watch it and hope that Babi and "H" get back together, I know they won't. I think my favorite seen is Babi's birthday party and "H" and Babi danced to the song "Forever Young." I would love to have a moment like that but I don't think I will anytime soon. In real life the actor and actress that played Babi and "H" dated and just broke up last spring. :( I was sad to hear when they broke up because they were a cute couple and acted in a couple of movies together. I wonder if they'll ever make a English version of 3MSC since there is an Italian and Spanish version. I watched the Spanish version btw but I wouldn't mind watching the Italian version to see how they are similar and different. I want to read the book too so maybe I'll get a copy to read during the summer and read it and not spend money. I still feel like I'm in Spring Break mode. I started school two weeks ago. I'm glad I am just taking one class because I didn't feel ready for student teaching. It also gives me a chance to make more money for the upcoming terms assuming I pass my CSET. I've been lagging studying. Hopefully I pass because then I'll be skewered in the fall. I haven't asked Ben to help me study either. He always seems busy. It would also be nice to pass without his help either. He never invited me anywhere during Spring Break and I don't see him doing so either anytime soon. :/ It would be nice to feel tres metros sobre el cielo right now (hopefully I can with work, school, and Ben).

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