Monday, April 6, 2015

Good Day

So the last 24 hours have been good to me. Today, my paycheck came and my Hello Kitty earrings. I also bought these Coach butterfly sandals online. I had some before and wore them for years until one of them broke. I tried to find them again in my size but no luck today. I bought them right away. They are pink and in good condition. In the pictures they almost look new so hopefully they are in good shape when I get them. Yesterday, I bought these Hello Kitty flats for $14.99 online. They are so cute and I couldn't believe the price. I almost want to buy the last one in stock but I need to really start saving. They will be coming from Japan so I don't know when they will come. They would perfect to wear to the Hello Kitty museum but I don't know when I going to see it or if I am going to see it. :/ I'm still debating rather one of the last things I buy to start saving is a PINK university jacket. It is $55 and it's my school so I am still deciding on it. Only problem is it is a small. I wear a small but I also like my jackets a little bigger. A medium would be perfect but small will do. They also sell out fast when VS starts selling new colligate apparel for the season so I don't know to buy it now or wait for VS new season but it will be more money and in the summer and I wont have any income. I think I am going to start selling things on eBay for extra income over the summer. I just worry about unnecessary negative review because the buyer didn't bother to take the time to read the description. I hope this struck of luck and goodness continues throughout the week. I am still waiting for Ben to invite me to the Hello Kitty museum exhibit and my financial aid to disburse because my university already put a hold on my account. It is isn't my fault! My financial aid said it was going to be disbursed March 30 and it still hasn't. If it doesn't get disburse by the end of the day I will call my university tomorrow and explain my situation to get my late fee removed and my account out of holding. I will also pray tonight for Ben. I really hope he gets hired full-time and invites me out, preferably this Wednesday since I have work Thursday and school Friday. Now I just need to finish my homework and study STUDY for my CSET next month.

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