Sunday, November 23, 2014

One More

I just have one more paper left to go till this hell term is over with.  I was proud of myself for doing my work early at the start of term but once the issues started with my previous host school all hell broke loose.  Oh well, everything happens for a new reason and I was found a much better school for the remainder of the term.  I'm glad my professors were understanding about my situation so I was able to turn in papers later in the term.  I was worried about my first three papers since my professor never really said when to turn it and I turned it in a week after the third paper was due and a week later then what I wanted but when I think about it, I did three major papers over 12 pages each in about 2 weeks after I did observations.  My prof said I did a good job on the third one and was glad I wrote a good paper for being behind, lol.  I was afraid to submit them because I didn't know if the professor was going to take them or what he was going to say but luckily my prof was understanding.   I was also afraid to submit it because I had no one to look at them.  I asked the OkCupid but he was busy and Ben said he would look at it but he never gave me feedback before I submitted them.  So idk if Ben looked at them or not, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't.

My professor graded the third one first since it is the same format as the final one.  I wish there was a sample one to look at but he is not allowed to provide one.  That was the same with my other class too.  My other class, the final paper was 10 pages but idk if I did it right, if I answered anything, or if I forgot something.  Hopefully I did a good job.  I just want to pass my two classes because I can't afford to take them again.  I need to get going on my final paper because the sooner I finish, I can have someone hopefully look at it, then submit it, and then enjoy my break until the next term starts in January. 

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