Sunday, November 23, 2014

Goodbye Omar, My Almost Lover

That little glimmer of hope that lay someone in my heart for Omar is now gone.  As I was thanking people who wished me a happy birthday, I came across Omar's post.  His post was one of the last birthday posts I saw before I went to bed and it made my birthday a little better as I drifted off sleep.  I told myself I would not look at his profile again until I was ready after I saw he was engaged.  I was ready to look at his profile because I wanted to know if just maybe, just maybe there was a chance, but nope.  I saw that he was married.  He was married in MARCH!!! He talked to me in June and I felt guilty wondering what could of been or thinking there was a chance this whole time while he was married! Seriously, he was already married when I talked to him! So now there is def no chance and I when he does cross my mind I think of something else quickly because he is officially gone.  It did make me sad seeing him married but I guess if he really did have for feeling for me, he prob would of said so or at least said so before he transferred jobs.  And no I don't wish that he gets divorce or anything like that, I wish him and his wife nothing but the best.  I'm forever grateful that he helped me get through my depression over my ex and help me move on.  If it weren't for him, I would of never pursued a master's degree either.  He was the one who sparked my interest in getting a master's degree even though my motivates at the time was to go to the same school as him for it but that was a different time.  I guessed he never liked me the way I did for him.  If anything, he probably would of friendzone me.  His wife is a very lucky person to have such a great guy like Omar and again, I wish his wife and him nothing but the best.  And maybe I had these feelings return because I barely get to see or talk to Ben.  I don't know but I do know there is no chance for Omar and me. I wish Ben and I could spend more time together so I can be a better "gf" but he never has time for me it seems like.

Goodbye, Omar.  Thank you being a friend to me when I needed someone.  You were the answer to my prayers and I am forever grateful.  Good luck in life and I hope you have a happy and blessed marriage.  Thank you Omar and goodbye, I wish you could of know what you meant to me and how you changed my life.  Goodbye Omar, my almost lover.  

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