Sunday, November 23, 2014


My birthday went fine.  So basically this is a recap of my birthday: 

Ben texted me the day before my birthday wanting to spend time with me for my birthday.  He said if I was busy or had plans already he would try for another time. I was still mad at Ben for not helping me study for my CSET exam and also doing what I don't like, which is making time out of guilt/obligations, especially for birthdays. 

 I didn't like how I hadn't seen Ben in MONTHS and when we did hang out, I felt it was out of guilt because of what was posted on his wall on FB. He was also making time for me only because it was my birthday, if it wasn't, he prob. wouldn't even have asked me out.  Also, had it not been for those FB pictures, I'm sure I still would not have seen him since May.  Which is kind of a long time for someone who is freaking close to where you live and work! But yet he always has time for others. Anyways back to my birthday recap.  So I told Ben how my birthday wasn't till next month but then he said he now just expects to celebrate my birthday twice.  Which I find kind of comical, since we didn't celebrate my birthday twice last year.  He then added how he wanted to spend my birthday with me but yet I can't really with him because he has so many friends so I had to settle for the day before for his last birthday.  But then I guessed he fell asleep and didn't text me back. 

I woke up around 4 AM and checked my phone and no shock there was no midnight missed call or text for Ben.  I checked my FB and no birthday post from him either.  I wished a friend who had the same birthday as me a happy birthday and went back to sleep.  When I woke up and got ready I went to iHop and received free pancakes because it was my birthday and also a free drink of my size choice too at Starbucks. So I enjoyed the birthday freebies throughout the day.  The weather was nice too and I also didn't have any homework to worry about either.  Throughout the day I received texts and wall posts of happy birthday from various friends but none from Ben.

Later, at a family dinner that I chose at a restaurant that was close to Ben's house incase he wanted to hang and I was in the mood to see him but he never did invite me out.  He did text me after dinner when my family stopped at Costco to get groceries.  Which is close to him too!  He said he wanted to invite me but he wasn't in the mood because he had a really bad day at work, which is understandable.  Somehow the conversation lead to how he celebrates my birthday twice a year and how he wishes me a happy birthday twice a year too.  I called him out on that.  He didn't wish me a happy birthday twice last year nor did we celebrate it twice.  I was just lucky enough that we did once last year.  It seems like every year I see Ben less and less too. :/  After Costco, I went home and watched TV and went to bed, and that was birthday cap.  So it wasn't bad like other birthdays expect for the fact knowing I need to get my own insurance now.

So I will see if Ben celebrates my birthday at all after this week when I am done with school.  He hasn't asked me out yet but he'll prob justify it with how he knew I was busy with school, even though I could of made time for him or the thought of it would of  it would of been nice even if I was busy if he asked.  Only time will tell.  I have a funny feeling he will forget (like he did my other birthday) or it will be the only time we will spend with each other throughout winter break and for months to come...sigh... :/ 

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