Sunday, September 22, 2013

Downtown with Ben

Friday I had date night with Ben in downtown.  I had an outfit planned but didn't wear it because 1. I was having a bad hair day 2.  Worked was horrible and stayed longer they expected 3.  Which caused me not to have time to at least try to fix my hair :/  but that's OK, I feel comfortable enough with Ben to where I don't have to worry all the time what I look like.  I did have time to change so that was okay.  I met him at his house since it was close to my work.  I felt bad because I didn't meet his parents but he ensured me that it was okay and that they would probably prefer an earlier time and the heads up so they can feel presentable, especially his mom he said.  I understand because I feel the same way, I didn't feel presentable because of my hair.  At downtown, we went to a fancy Italian restaurant in my opinion.  It was nice.  I love hanging out with Ben because I feel like I can be me with him, he's always a gentleman and he always takes me to different places.  While at the restaurant, we were looking at this survey card and it asked why we choose this placed and Ben asked what would I say, and I jokingly said I was forced to come.  I saw that he looked a little hurt and was probably hoping that I would say something like "My boyfriend wanted to take me somewhere nice,"  I wanted to but I was nervous to refer Ben as my boyfriend since we haven't had the "DTR talk." One of these days, I'm going to work up the courage to have the "DTR talk."    However, are date night was cut short because he wasn't feeling well and I too wasn't feeling well in the restaurant but didn't say anything. 

 I don't know how I'm going to introduce him to my parents, I'm scared.  I don't have that type of relationship with my family and I'm a really private person too.  He's starting school this Thursday and he's taking 22 units so he'll be super busy and I'll be working soon and balancing that with my online class.  I'm a little bum because we'll be busy :/ but hopefully we'll have more date nights.  He did invite me to the fair next week, so hopefully, I can go.  I need to check to see if I have anything due that day and if I do, do it ahead, asap!  

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