Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A lil Worried

Still haven't picked up an assignment for my second job yet. :/ I'm worried I'll be terminated as they say at the second job.  There was one for today but the drive was out of my comfort zone and the gas price probably wouldn't be worth the pay.  I looked today to see if there was any but the website was down, just my luck.  And to make matters worse, I won't be able to work Thursday and Friday  because I have training and meetings for my first job.  Maybe it is a sign that I have been looking for telling me to pursue something else, like my true passion, anthropology.

I tried last night looking up government jobs by no surprise I lacked the usual, experience and knowledge.  So then I looked up entry level jobs with little experience and entry level jobs for recent college grads and I pretty much just got all sale rep jobs, which I would be horrible at, my communication skills lack and trying to convince someone to buy something is something I couldn't ever do to save my life.  So for now I am still determine for an anthropology job and praying that my second job doesn't terminate yet.  I think I'm going to start praying to St. Cajetan.  I started praying to him after months of not finding a job and after praying to him for a week, I landed my first job.  Even though it is a part time, I was just happy to start working so I can expand my resume and it happened to be near Ben too, which was an additional plus.  Hopefully, I can find a job so Ben and I can have a secure future together.      

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