Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wasting My Time

Ben has gotten himself a long term teaching position.  I don't know what grade and for how long.  I just know it is at a high school.  I am happy for him even if it means no more summer romance for us.  Oh wait, we never really had one.  So it is safe to say I'm never going to get a whole day with him or even just a decent date.  I like to go out on weekdays when I can because their is less people but know I won't be able to now because he is working.  Even though we could tec go out at night, he would probably be to tired or busy prepping.  And then there is "Friday Night Lights" and he will want to go to the football games to show his school spirit.  And like I said before, it isn't my idea of a date night.  Freezing and sitting on a cold bench for a couple of hours, no thanks, I'll pass.  He hasn't even brought up a date night either lately so I'm bummed and pissed off about that too.  I don't even know what to do at this point.  And then their is that OkCupid guy who always wants to hang.  He always  responds to my text messages and is their when I need someone to talk to.  I send Ben the same text messages when I need someone to talk to but more then half just get ignored.  I know he can't always respond because of work but sometimes a little heart message will do.  I think I have gotten two of those since I've been back from vacation.  I can't wait around forever hoping that Ben will be the romantic he claims to be.  I think I might just be wasting my time with Ben.      

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