Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Questioning Ben

The other day I saw Ben's page and no surprise he was tagged at some type of restaurant club with some girl.  And it was last Friday too!!! This explained a lot.  For starters, I had texted him and he didn't me back till after 2 AM, probably just getting home too.  He couldn't at least take the time to send me a heart message?!  He texts and talks on the phone all the time when we are out on date night.  It also explains why last week he suggested date night between Tuesday-Thursday.  It looked like it was a nice place too that he went to.  -_-

When I first met Ben, I remember how he would tell me how he was a romantic and the kind of things he does with dates.  He would take girls dancing and nice restaurant because he thinks taking girls to a chain restaurants on a first date is not romantic.  He did take me to a comedy club on our official first date and sadly that is about the only nice place we have been too.  I thought this restaurant he took me once was nice but then I saw he had been there before with someone else and that stung.

Looking at his profile page hurts.  He is always hanging out with someone other then me and always at these amazing places that I have never been to and would like to with Ben.  Besides the comedy club, he hasn't taken me anywhere that has really impressed me.  Our dates are just like any other dates that I have been on with other people.  At least I am going out of the country in a couple days.  It will give me a chance to clear my head.  I am not saying anything to Ben because I did tell him before and I want to see if he is actually remembers and schedules in a date night before I go.  If not, I will have a lot to think about.   

I thought Ben was the one but now I am not sure.  I wanted to make us officially this summer and introduce him to my family but how can I when we barely hang out as it is.  My family will definitely not be impressed with Ben if they met him and notice how little we go out for being the summer time. 

I want someone to chase me and swept me off my feet.  Someone who is romantic and remembers little things about me.  I have not really seen that in Ben lately and it is making me question our relationship.  Does Ben want me to chase him or something?  I have a lot to think about with Ben and our supposedly relationship. 

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