Sunday, June 29, 2014

24 hours of Surprises Part 1

These last 24 hours have been full of surprises, not necessarily bad (or at least not yet-hopefully not).  So the most recent was how I had posted something about on my profile page about one of my teams losing and being eliminated from the World Cup.  I was seeing who had liked my comment and saw quickly my ex had liked it. Seriously, my ex! I didn't see his profile page picture real good since it was a glimpse and I had logged out quickly to regain my emotions again.  I'm not reading more into him liking my comment. It is just a like and nothing more.  He has moved on and so have I.  I have noticed that he doesn't cross mind that much like in the past.  I'm glad, I'm starting to find myself again, which is all I ever wanted really. 

The next surprise was how Ben never sent me any messages about the game.  Probably since he has deleted his account and now doesn't see the comments I make about World Cup games.  I never saw this coming.  I wonder why he deleted his account.  Maybe he knows I look at it and wants to hide the fact he goes out with other people all the time!  I haven't heard from him since Friday and he has still yet to invite me out on a date night.  I'm leaving for vacation at the end of the week too.  Looks like he forgot and is busy with other people...sigh :/

I don't want to check my school e-mails and find a bad surprise.  It is bad enough I am once again going to have trouble with fin aid and last a check one of grades was missing.  I don't know if the prof has yet to turn in grades or what.  I'm worried, I hope I didn't fail and have to repeat the course.  I know I am going to have to e-mail the prof soon and have been lagging it.  I'm just afraid to know what is the reason for the missing grade. 

And lastly, for my favorite surprise.  So before I go to bed, I like to pray to St. Jude and often I pray for him to pray for me to reconnect with my old friends.  A few ago one of my friends messaged me.  I was so happy too and just last night the same thing happed too.  I couldn't sleep so I went to check out an upcoming anthropology show  fan page by one of my hero's.  I just wanted to see what the show was going to be about and if any new information was out about it.  I had liked the page and wrote a post to the host of the show, my hero.  Before I was about to log out, I respond to a message that one of my friends sent me and quickly saw I had a new message.  Thinking it was the same friend because he is in a different time zone and continent, I was surprised to see that it was from someone else, and not just anyone be continued.... 


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