Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Meeting Mom

Last Thursday night Ben wanted to FaceTime but my phone was low on batteries and I was letting someone use my charger and my tablet had no batteries too. Usually I charge my phone at night and the one time I am low on batteries, Ben wants to Facetime me. He brought up the museum and how he will make sure we will go before the Hello Kitty exhibit before it ends but I doubt it. I hinted how I wanted to go to the exhibit this Saturday because for $25 you can decorate your own Hello Kitty and it includes an admission ticket but he hasn't mention anything yet. :/ He did invite me to Disneyland for yesterday but I had to do something for school. He was taking his mom to Disneyland for her birthday and for Mother's Day so I would feel like a third wheel and I would feel awkward when it comes to rides that are for two people. But at least he got to spend time with his mom which he mentioned he wants me to met eventually. I hope he didn't think I didn't want to got to Disneyland because he was taking his mom but I would rather have been there then working on a big school project due this Friday. It was sweet that he said he wanted me to go since his mom said he could bring whoever he wanted. Now I wonder if he brought someone since I couldn't go, ugh I don't want to check his FB because every time I look I get pissed off looking at his pictures because they just remind of how little time we spend together. I think I would be hurt if he brought a female companion and didn't tell me.

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