Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

I woke up this morning around 4:30ish but kept hitting the snoozed button but eventually got up around 5.  I woke up early to finish my penguin garland, the owl Valentine's day cards and candy heart wreath.  I made a candy heart wreath and wrote messages with puffy paint on Monday.  I wrote things like "Be mine," "xoxo," etc.  Then I glued them on a paper plate and set it off to dry.  Next, I glued wiggly eyes on the two owl cards I made and the 6 penguins for the garland. Then when the eyes were dried I hole punched the penguins wings and hearts and alternated heart and penguin as I pinned them together.  I ended up having six penguins and eight hearts.  The push pins (I think that's what they are called), held the garland up nicely to wear I almost didn't need a lot of string to hang it on the gate.  I then placed it in a box so I can find everything I needed to decorate Ben's house easily.  I then got inspired to use the extra hearts I had left over and hot glued string on the back to make heart ornaments to hang somewhere.  I also hot glued string to the wreath and placed them in the box afterwards.  Lastly, I wrote messages on my owl cards.  One said: "Whoo do I love? Answer: You."  the other: "Whoo do I want to be my Valentine? Answer: You."  I later found an owl message online after I wrote it too that said, "Owl love you forever."  That would have been cute to used too!  And something different to write other then "You."  I did sign the cards to and write "I love you," in case you were wondering.  I wasn't sure if Ben wasn't going to work today since he has been sick these past couple of days.  But he kept sending Valentine's Day messages throughout the morning so I figured he was sick at home. 

I wanted to decorate his home before work but I ended up doing errands that took longer then expected so I had to decorate Ben's house after work.  So to my dismay, when I came back to my car the balloon I had bought for Ben popped :( because it was hot.  Had I know that I would have brought it inside with me to work to avoiding popping, so next time I plan on using a balloon, I will keep that in mind.

After work, I went straight to Ben's house to decorate.  I saw his car so that made me excited because I could decorate that too if I wanted since I had extra hearts and painting tape which is easy to remove.  It also meant he was home to and I didn't have to worry about something happening to the decoration.  I first used the heart ornaments I made and decorated his sago palm tree and also the branches of some sort of plant with them too.  I also put the red owl card and candy wreath on the sago palm tree too.  I couldn't find my scissors (of course something has to go wrong!!!) but ended up not needed them so I couldn't cut the string and tie the garland around the gate, which was find because I could tape it to the gate if I wanted and the tape seemed stronger then the string.  I was also a little scared of putting the garland on his gate because I didn't know who was home and many of his neighbors were outside and watching me.  I taped the garland to the side of his car which looked really cute and better then I expected.  I think it looked better on the car then the gate.  I placed the pink owl card on the other side of his car on the antenna.  The penguin garland look so good on the side of the card and I was pleased with how my plan turned out.  My Valentine's Day plan turned out better then expected, minus the balloon popping but oh well, there is always next year!  Even his neighbors came to look at the decorations as I left to go back to my car.  Before I drove off, I sent him a message that said to look at his car.     

I wished I could have seen his face expression as he came outside.  I left because I didn't know when he would see that text  since he was sick and been sleeping pretty much the whole day and I didn't when he would go outside.  Had I know he went outside a few minutes later, I would of stayed.  It was hot and I wanted to beat the traffic and there was a lot that day too! He sent me picture colleges later with him and the Valentine's Day decoration, such as him holding the decorations and his decorated car.  At home, I watched WALL-E like last year expect this time I wasn't mad at him though I did raise an eyebrow when I saw a girl had posted a Snow White Valentine's Day picture with a the caption "Somebody snow White wants to be your Valentine."  I don't about this girl since being a girl I know girls can be sneaky.  She might just being saying how Ben and her are good friends and all but really she wishes they were bf and gf!  She's always writing on his wall and the pictures I see of Ben and her she is always next to him when it's a group photo and usually has an arm on him...hhhmm...I might be overacting but I doubt it.  Why would she send a Valentine's Day message like that.  I am going to have to take tons more pictures of us and tag him! But at least Ben was my Valentine's <3

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