Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where You Rank

I had a pre employment test on Friday and I was nervous as always because I didn't know how many questions it was going to be and what they were going to ask.  I was informed that the test would be 30 minutes long and there was only 30 questions so it wasn't that bad.  It went a lot better then expected and I finished my test at a reasonable time but took advantage of the extra time I had and went over the questions that I wasn't sure about again.  We were told that we would be scored by how we did on the test and then the interview which would be in about 2 weeks.  Great, being scored on how we interview, they might as well just place me on the bottom :/  Hopefully, I can stay calm and relax for this interview (assuming I passed the first part which was the test).  I think that was my problem in the other interview that I had- I didn't stay calm and relax and just let myself breath and process the questions. I give props to the peoples who compete in pageants and have to answer whatever their interview question is which they have to be prepared and well rounded in to answer, at least with mine, it's work related and I have a general idea what they might ask. It's kind of funny that it's easy for me to express myself with pen and paper but with words...hhhhmmm...I could use some work.  I wish I had the speaking ability of Ben then I would have no problems with interviews whatsoever.  So after the test and interview, you are ranked from highest to lowest and the top three will be assigned for sure and then as openings become available they could down the ranking list. So hopefully I am up there, I don't expect to be at the top but being close will do.  Only time will tell for now. 

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