Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blew It Yet Again :(

I had a job interview on May 29th for a substitute position which is what I am trying to get in the meantime while I still pursue an anthropology job.  I was glad I had made it to interview selection instead of the typical process of applying online and nvr hearing anything back.  It was also a way to redeem myself for the sub position interview that I blew by showing up late.  They only asked 5 questions and I was nervous since this has been only the 4th job interview I had been on ever.  Leaving the interview, I could just tell I blew it but still remain a lil hopefully and it didn't help that later after the interview when I was checking my e-mail that I had heard back from that anthropology job I had applied to like 2 months ago saying that they found a more suitable applicant for the position and blah blah blah. I already knew I didn't get that position when I checked my account a few weeks later even though they finally replied to me 2 months later.  Anyways, today I saw that I had some letters and one of them was from the district where I had my interview and it informed me that I did not not get the job :( It was nice that they actually hand signed the letter and the polite thing would be to send a thank you e-mail/letter thanking them for letting me be interview but I'm not.  Rejection hurts and I would like to forget that I applied and interview there.  I feel like nothing is going right for me and I just want a break in life.  It's bad enough I am not working in the anthropology job but that I still can't get a substitute position almost a year after I received my permit and I am getting worried I might never will and my permit expires in a couple of months too and Idk if I will be able to renew it w/o working...sigh... :/

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