Thursday, January 17, 2013

Face 2 Face

I created an online dating profile as a school assignment once. It was very interesting experience and still is. I wanted to know who was out there and sure learned some things along the way. But I will explain that another time because I want to talk about an experience I had. So here is my story:

I finally decided to meet someone I had been chatting with after being on this site for a while. He seemed normal and was close but I really did it for team anthropology. I'm not going to lie-I was nervous as hell! We met face to face at a coffee shop. He wasn't some creepy old guy and I wasn't "cat-fished" either. He was a little short but still taller then me (barely) but it went ok. At first he kept asking things about my profile which was a little annoying because really now, you can't think of things on your own to say. Oh well. He also told me some things, like personal family things that maybe he could of shared later on and not when we have first met in my opinion but I guess maybe he felt comfortable. Anyway, it was getting late for me and called it a night. Leaving the night I was glad that it wasn't a terrible experience and that I took one for team anthropology and that this experience will help with becoming an anthropologist. So he texts me the next day but I had a test I wanted to focus on and told him after the test we can hang. I didn't mean that same day but he wanted to know what time the test was and when I would be home. I told him when I thought I would be finished. Day of the test I was tired when I finished and all I could think about was did I pass or not. He kept messaging me that day but told him I just wanted to go home and sleep which he wanted to know how long for. WTH?! How should I know and plus I was not in the mood to hang out bc all I could think about was that test. I didn't hear from him the next day when I was out but then he messages me wanting to hang but I told him I was busy and then he wanted to know again if we could hang out later but told him I was tired. Seriously, he has the worst timing. To be cont..

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