Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to normal

Things are finally getting back to normal now.  The last couple of weeks have been cra-cra (especially with school, work and Ben) but I survived.  Last week was especially hard since it was the last week of school for me so pretty much everything was due and of course I have to wait to the last day to start and finish assignments.  Taking two classes was def a challenge but I managed while working but I did have to sacrifice my social life in the process and my running and gym time but next time I am going to try to do things ahead of time especially when my fall class starts bc I'll be working more so its going to be hard to balance work and school.  And why is it every time I am super busy, like last week, ppl then decided to hit me up and want to  hang but when I'm free, nada! It has to be a sign to stop procrastinating on assignments. I'm only taking one class this time bc I just want to be able to focus on one class while working plus in the fall/winter there's a lot to due especially with all the different holidays.  I also want more time to be with Ben even though he's going to be super busy and I want to stay on track with running and working out at the gym.  I am however glad I was able to get into a class since community colleges are so impacted these days even though it wasn't the first choice of class I wanted but I'm glad I got in.  It's still a class I need towards a permit/certificate.  The other class I could have waited listed but decided not to bc I think one class is enough. I just hope next time I can get in the class or at least get waited listed, hopefully I'm not making a mistake by not waiting list and only taking one class this term.  Hopefully prices don't go up for units too!  I am glad online classes let me work and take the classes at my time, hopefully I am able to get all the online classes towards my permit/certificate.  For now, I'm just going to enjoy the rest of summer and delay checking the status of my finally grades bc I just want a break and enjoy life while I can and not dwell if I didn't do go.    

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